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Behavioral Targeting Ad

In some cases, the Company may use information obtained from customers for the purpose of enhancing the quality of services provided by the Company (“Services”) or tailoring the content, advertisements etc. displayed on Services to the interests or needs of individual customers (“Behavioral Targeting Ad”).

In addition, there may be cases where the Company uses services provided by third parties (“Third-Party Services”; persons providing Third-Party Services are “Third-Party Service Providers”) in relation to Behavioral Targeting Ad etc. In such cases, the Company may provide Third-Party Service Providers with the non-personally identifiable information of customers (terminal identifiers, ad IDs, cookie information, access logs, etc.) or statistical information prepared on the basis thereof, or Third-Party Service Providers may directly obtain information related to customers. The information related to customers that is obtained by Third-Party Service Providers will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service etc. of such Third-Party Service Providers.

The forms of Behavioral Targeting Ad etc. indicated below can be disabled by accessing the opt-out pages indicated below and applying settings in accordance with the indicated procedures. It may take time for these settings to be reflected. Further, ads not based on Behavioral Targeting Ad etc. will be delivered even when the foregoing settings are applied.

Behavioral Targeting Ad Employed by the Company

Behavioral Targeting Ad Employed by Third-Party Service Providers

Date of Most Recent Update: November 14, 2019