Wantedly Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This document is an English translation of an original document in Japanese. If there is any discrepancy between this translation and the original document, the latter shall prevail legally.

The Company will handle your information as follows in all services that we provide (“Services”). To use Services, you must carefully read the Privacy Policy and consent to all particulars herein. If you do not consent to the Privacy Policy you must cease use of the Services.

1. Information that the Company Obtains

The Company may obtain and utilize the following information when you use Services. If you do not provide the following information, there may be cases where the functions of some Services cannot be provided to you.

  1. Profile Information: When you create and utilize an account for Services, the Company will obtain profile information including your name, age, sex, address, telephone number, profile picture, employer, job title, work history, educational history, qualifications, and email address.
  2. Third-Party Service Registered Information: If you associate or connect an account for Services with accounts for third-party services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, GitHub, Hatena Bookmark), the Company will obtain the ID, profile information and the like for such associated third-party services.
  3. Business Card Information: If you have provided business card information via Services, the Company will obtain your business card image, name, job title, company name, address, telephone number, email address, and other information disclosed on the business card.
  4. Information on Connections: If you have made connections with other customers’ accounts via Services, the Company will obtain information on your connections (people with whom you have connected, number of connections, etc.).
  5. Contact Information: If you use the contact information adding function, the Company will obtain your terminal’s contact information (e.g., name, telephone number, email address, photo).
  6. Calendar Information: If you have provided calendar information via Services, the Company will obtain information related to your schedule.
  7. Location Information: In some Services, in order to provide you with services that utilize location information, the Company may obtain location information transmitted from a mobile phone etc.
  8. Payment Information: When you use paid Services, the Company may obtain certain financial information (e.g., credit card information, bank account information).
  9. Information Related to State of Use: When you use Services, the Company may obtain information relating to use environment or use state that is transmitted automatically from your terminal (e.g., terminal identifier, ad ID, IP address, OS type, browser type, browser language, landing page, number of page views, number of clicks, viewing order, viewing time, search terms).
  10. Inquiry Information: The Company may obtain information relating to you (e.g., identity verification information) through correspondence with you using inquiry forms or the like.

2. Purposes of Use

The Company will use obtained customer information for the following purposes.

2.1 Provision, Improvement and Development of Services

  1. To provide Services seamlessly;
  2. To investigate and analyze the state of use of Services, and to improve and develop Services or optimize Services for each customer;
  3. To search for other users with whom you are acquainted or may be acquainted, and to recommend connections for you;
  4. To communicate with you in regard to Services;
  5. To respond to inquiries from you;
  6. To transmit Service invoices, products, and prizes to you; and
  7. To introduce or explain Services to you or to persons other than you (provided, however, that the Company will not transmit such introductions/explanations to persons other than you without your consent).

2.2 Service Security Maintenance

  1. To ensure the safety of Services; and
  2. To prevent unauthorized access, spam, and other unauthorized uses.

2.3 Ad Delivery and Marketing

  1. To provide advertising (including personalized ads) related to products and services of the Company or third parties; and
  2. To create statistical data related to Service use.

3. Public Information

Of the information obtained by the Company, other customers utilizing Services are entitled to view the following; provided, however, that the extent of public availability of obtained information can be modified within the scope of the Service specifications.

  1. Your profile information;
  2. Your business card information;
  3. Third-party service registered information; and
  4. Information on connections.

4. Disclosure of Obtained Information to Third Parties

The Company will not disclose obtained information to third parties without your consent, except in the cases indicated below or where permitted under laws and regulations.

  1. When a job seeker clicks the “Want to Visit” button on a recruiter page on Wantedly Visit, the Company will disclose to the relevant recruiter the account information of the user who clicked the button.
  2. When a job seeker views a specific recruiter page on Wantedly Visit, the Company may disclose to the relevant recruiter information related to the job seeker’s viewing of such recruiter page.
  3. When you view another customer’s profile page on Wantedly Visit, the Company may disclose to such other customer information related to your viewing of such profile page.

4.2 Statistical Information, etc.

For the purposes of optimal ad delivery, the Company may provide its business partners with information that is related to you but does not allow you to be personally identified (e.g., terminal identifiers, ad IDs), or with statistical information created on the basis thereof.

5. Joint Use of Obtained Information

The Company may jointly use obtained information as follows.

  1. Jointly Used Information: Information obtained by the Company
  2. Scope of Persons Engaged in Joint Use: Our group companies (subsidiaries or affiliates)
  3. Purposes of Use by Persons Engaged in Use: As indicated in “Purposes of Use”
  4. Party Responsible for Management of Joint Use: The Company

6. Verification and Correction etc.

6.1 Verification

Except in cases where the Company does not owe a duty under laws and regulations, you are entitled to request the disclosure of personal information provided to the Company, in accordance with the Company’s prescribed procedures; provided, however, that prescribed disclosure fees may be collected.

6.2 Corrections etc.

When the content of personal information retained by the Company is contrary to fact, except in cases where the Company does not owe a duty under laws and regulations, you are entitled to request the correction, addition, suspension of use, or deletion of personal information in accordance with the Company’s prescribed procedures.

7. Revisions

The Company may revise the Privacy Policy as needed. You should always check the most recent Privacy Policy when utilizing Services. When you use Services, you will be deemed to have consented to the most recent Privacy Policy.

8. Inquiries Concerning the Handling of Information

For any questions, complaints or concerns related to the handling of information in Services, please contact the following email address.


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Effective on June 22, 2018.