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Posting Policy

This document is an English translation of an original document in Japanese. If there is any discrepancy between this translation and the original document, the latter shall prevail legally.

In using Wantedly Visit, you shall post any application information and stories in accordance with the following Posting Policy. In the event that you breach this Posting Policy, the Company may correct, restrict viewing of or delete your data or content; or may suspend or delete your account without prior notice.

Please note that this Posting Policy may be modified without prior notice, and in such a case, the modified Posting Policy shall come into effect from the time it is posted on the Website. If you use the Company’s services after this Posting Policy is modified, you shall be deemed to have consented to the provisions herein as modified.

  1. When posting a job listing, please refrain from posting for any purpose other than invitations related to recruitment activities conducted prior to an official selection process (e.g., informal interviews, office tours, lunch meetings, seminars, study groups, company briefings, and job events), or posting information not related to such activities.
  2. Wantedly Visit is a service for recruiting talent based on shared passions and causes. Please refrain from posting information concerning wages or salaries in your job listings or stories.
  3. Please refrain from posting job listings or stories which include the following content (except with the Company’s prior consent):
    1. Information concerning online dating services, sex-related businesses, night work (such as hostess bars, girls bars, host clubs, and adult amusement-related work), networking businesses, gaming, gambling, pyramid schemes, or multilevel marketing businesses or any businesses, conditions, or operations similar to the foregoing; or information concerning any businesses, conditions, or operations suspected to be any of the foregoing;
    2. Information concerning the provision of information on job opportunities or job seekers, job placement, personnel training, general worker dispatch business (except for indefinite-term employment dispatching), or the businesses or services of any direct or indirect competitors of the Company;
    3. Information for recruiting customers, members or users of platform services or membership services;
    4. Information for inviting FC member store or agency applications;
    5. Information for recruiting entrepreneurs, investors, or business partners;
    6. Information for recruiting members for the purpose of gaining followers and/or supporters of any religious organizations, ideological groups, political organizations, or other groups similar thereto; and
    7. Information on recruitment and hiring for companies that have not used Wantedly Visit (including subsidiaries and affiliates etc.).
  4. Please refrain from using expressions in violation of laws or regulations or expressions that go against public order and morals.
  5. Please refrain from using counterfactual expressions, expressions misleading to applicants, expressions encouraging discrimination, expressions criticizing other industries, other companies, or other professions, or expressions that otherwise degrade the quality of the Services.
  6. Please refrain from using any expressions infringing on a third party’s copyrights, portrait rights, or any other rights. We cannot accept full or partial reproductions of information created by other companies or used in other companies’ media.
  7. Unless you have obtained the Company’s prior consent, please refrain from posting any links, SNS accounts, email addresses or other such information and from using expressions directing applicants to other recruitment media or recruiting site.
  8. If you set an application period for a job listing, you must keep the application information posted during such application period, and must take down the post immediately once the application period has expired.
  9. In addition, please refrain from posting any job listings that are contrary to the Company’s Content Quality Guideline.

In addition to the above, please be aware that if the Company judges any content to be inappropriate, it may correct or delete your data or content or may suspend or delete your account without prior notice.

Last revised: March 17, 2020